Mission Statement

Missouri General’s organizational core values include trust, honesty, and integrity. We will treat our clients, our associates, and our company partners fairly and respectfully at all times. Fair-dealing guides us in everything we do. We strive to exceed the expectations of the clients we serve by providing customized risk management and insurance solutions to meet their individual or business needs.

Steering Our Agency

Our board of directors plays a crucial role in the foundation of what our agency strives to be. Beyond our mission above, we push ourselves to not simply handle a client’s risk, but to be professional and knowledgeable producer and account management teams that will instill confidence and security in a client’s life, work, and assets. We have a fundamental goal to be there for each client when they are in need and to advise them prior to any incident so that they are prepared for life’s challenges. Our board leads our agency toward this goal, making sure that each client is truly the most important aspect of our agency.